Vehicle Testing


“How CAn we involve people in the testing of new functions and technologies in the process oF VIRTUAL development of next generation vehicles? HOW DO WE CREATE a LINK between a pure virtual  simulation and the real driving experience?

These are the questions that most technology centers and university are debating and trying to find an answer.

With the new AB Dynamics aVDS (Advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator) the Kempten Applied Science University makes a step forward to answer these difficult questions.

The aVDS simulator will be used by Research Centres and the Automotive Industry and will help them to develop new cars and autonomous vehicles and technology.

  • Develop and testing of new technology and new driving systems
  • Develop and testing of comfort and driving characteristics.
  • Car-Human integration , development of new functionality and visualisation
  • Human Factors:Level of confidence , stress, level of trust of new technologies by drivers and other passengers
  • Use of virtual technology for vehicle optimisation 
  • Study of driver behaviour in critical driving condition and in case of vehicle guide help failure.
  • Training of drivers in the use of autonomous vehicless

The aVDS simulator is able of 6D movement, Characterised by a high dynamic and agility. This allows to reproduce vehicle dynamic conditions in a very realistic way.

  • AB DYNAMICS AVDS Has been developed initially by Williams Advanced Engineering for the Formula 1 and lately taken to the next level by AB Dynamics, that has optimised the hardware and software to be used by car development centres and automotive industries.

The AB Dynamics aVDS Simulator is the first simulator installed in an European University for research and development of the incoming future mobility.

In cooperation with AB Dynamics and other partners, the methods and applications developed in the Adrive LivingLab will be transferred to the next generation production. The key feature of this collaboration between University and Industry fo face the next challenge has been promoted by Dr. Pim Van Der Jagt european technical directorof AB Dynamics.

Prof. Bernhard Schick that is responsible of the Adrive LivingLab, has point out the importance of the “human factor” in the research and development of the “user experience” for the future of mobility.

When a driver allows the car to drive unmanned, the level of confidence and the trust of the technology is a key factor.

The success of the unmanned vehicles will be determined by this level of acceptance , and the satisfaction of the drivers expectations.

At the Adrive LivingLab  real scenarios are created, where people involved in the experimentation can explore these problems on real vehicles , using simulation software like Thinking Studio, and from today with AB Dynamics aVDS.

Starting from here , the scientists can expand , create and deepen new ideas, human-machine interaction, driving strategies, and vehicle behaviours can be studied before real tests on the road. This preliminary studies can involve many people even everyday drivers that with their experience can contribute proactively and help create new solutions.

Enjoy this video made during the test and the presentation of the new aVDS at Kempten labs with the official AUDI SPORT ABT  FORMULA E driver Mr. Daniel Abt 


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